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Recertification cost: $200
Please see the important deadlines as you apply for recertification. LATE FEES may apply.

A quick word about Academy Exams Recertification:
All Academy Certified Inspectors are responsible for recertifying before their certification expiration date. This date is printed on your Certificate, your Wallet Card, and your official results letter.

Please refer to the Recertification Page for details regarding expiration date requirements.

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(based on minimum 10 registrations per exam)

  • TENTATIVE 2017 Exam Schedule - Registration will open soon
    January 20th, Miami, exam address TBD
    February 10th, Orlando, exam address TBD
    May 12th, Jacksonville, exam address TBD
    August 11th, Tampa, exam address TBD
    November 3rd, Miami, exam address TBD

Check our exam schedule often for updates and new exam events


*Please be sure all contact information is current, particularly the email and mailing addresses. There will be a $50 fee for any documentation that needs to be reprinted and mailed again.

*Cancellation or Registration Transfer Policy

Cancelling an exam registration 10 or more business days prior to the exam date ensures a full refund.

Transferring a registration to a different exam event 10 or more business days prior to the exam date will not result in any processing fee.

Cancelling an exam registration OR transferring a registration to a different exam event less than 10 business days prior to the exam date will carry a processing fee of $50.


Better Life Safety through Knowledge and Experience

The Fire Sprinkler industry now has a new option for ensuring that those performing system inspections have appropriate knowledge and experience.  The Academy of Fire Sprinkler Technology has developed exams to verify an adequate level of knowledge and experience to perform the inspection, testing, and maintenance of these systems in accordance with NFPA 25 and other NFPA documents.

The Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems is a specialized field requiring a unique understanding of the NFPA Codes and Standards. 

The Academy Exams ensure that Fire Protection Professionals have the minimum knowledge and experience to perform their work in accordance with State Laws.

The documents currently covered by our INSP I and INSP II exams in Florida are listed below. Examinees are expected to provide their own copies of the NFPA documents, bound in a binder or book format, on exam day.

Please note:
Since July 2015, all Academy Exams exam questions reflect the current Florida standards (which went into effect in January of 2015). 

NFPA 13 - 2010
NFPA 14 - 2010
NFPA 20 - 2010
NFPA 25 - 2011
NFPA 72 - 2010
FL Law 69A-46* 
FL Licensing Law*
*(copies of the FL laws will be provided onsite with the exam. State Laws covered by Academy Exams test may change as required by test location.)

These exams are delivered by the same team that developed the world’s first degree program in Sprinkler System Technology. 

Certification Through Academy Exams

Academy Exams offers two levels of certification for inspectors. Both exams require an 80% passing score.

Inspector I
To register for the Academy Exams Inspector I test, no work history in the inspection, testing, and maintenance field is required. However, we do require that registrants have at least 16 hours of CEUs by the time of the exam. Registrants must also provide a Validator (and contact information for this Validator) who can verify CEUs and exam readiness. The Inspector I certification exam contains 45 questions and has a time limit of 90 minutes.

Inspector II
To register for the Academy Exams Inspector II test, at least 2000 hours of work experience in the inspection of water-based fire protection systems is required. In the state of Florida, these hours MUST be under the employ of a Class I or Class II State License Holder.  Additionally, Inspector II registrants are required to have at least 32 hours of CEUs by the time of the exam. And, as with Inspector I exam, Inspector II registrants must provide a Validator (and contact information for this Validator) who can verify work history and experience level, CEUs, and exam readiness. The Inspector II certification exam contains 75 questions and has a time limit of 150 minutes.

For Those Already Holding NICET Certifications

The Academy recognizes the value of a NICET Certification and will award the Academy Exams Certification to anyone currently holding an equivalent level of certification from NICET.  You may request recognition of your current NICET Certification by following the steps below and indicating that you currently hold NICET Certification.

Late Registration Policy

Registration for an Academy Exam must be completed three (3) weeks prior to exam date. After this, any registration will be considered late. The Late Registration period runs for one week only.

Late registrations carry a $150 late fee and will be accepted no later than ten (10) business days before exam date.


This information is available in our Academy Exams Process and Policy document, below.

Replacement Documentation

There is a $25 fee for any reprints of your letter, certificate, and/or wallet card.



In some areas, local organizations may offer review classes in the days preceding a scheduled Academy Exam. These classes are not affiliated with Academy Exams. They are coordinated and taught by other organizations. Enrollment in and payment for these classes DOES NOT register you for an Academy Exam. Please register for an Academy Exam by clicking on the “Register for an Exam” button at the top of the page.

Please note that Account Creation is independent from Exam Registration. If it is your intention to register for an Exam, please click on the “Register for an Exam” tab at the top of the page.

The Academy Exams Process

Step 1:  Create Account


Click “create an account” in the upper right corner of the homepage

Step 2:  Confirm New Account

Verify New Account by clicking link in confirmation email. 

Step 3: Sign in                  

Sign in to Academy Exams using the username and password you chose when you registered.  Update your profile information at any time.

Step 4: Register for Certification Exam or Recognition

Click “Register for an Exam” on the homepage to register for a certification test or to receive acknowledgement of your current NICET Certification.  The registration process is only complete once you have made payment online.  Each Academy Exam costs US$400. Academy Recognition of a NICET certification costs US$200.

Step 5: Application Review

Once registration is complete, the Academy will review the application and verify the candidate’s work experience.  If the application is not adequate or appropriate, the Academy will notify the candidate.  Once the application is found in order, the candidate will receive notification of acceptance and be given the information and final confirmation for taking the exam.

Step 6:  Take the Exam

Present your confirmation letter and a picture ID when you arrive at the test site.

Step 7:  Official Notification

An official notification will be sent to the candidate indicating the results of the exam.  If the candidate has passed the exam, the Academy will notify the Florida State Fire Marshal’s Office and forward a certificate of recognition to the Inspector.    

Academy Exams is located at

301 North Neil Street
Suite 423
Champaign, IL 61820

Checks can be mailed to this address.