About Us


The Academy Exams program of validating knowledge and experience in fire sprinkler system inspection, testing, and maintenance got its start in 2008. Its originator, the Academy of Fire Sprinkler Technology based in Champaign, IL, began by identifying a uniquely qualified group of stakeholders to help develop a high-quality testing and certification program. The goal was simple: produce a program that could verify that those charged with inspecting and testing water-based fire suppression systems met the high standards expected by the State of Florida.

After more than a year of working with those stakeholders, development of the program and the test itself was completed. The test and validation process was approved by the State of Florida shortly thereafter. In the years that have passed, Academy Exams has certified hundreds of fire sprinkler inspection and testing personnel. The process has been praised by test-takers, company owners, authorities having jurisdiction, and others.

In 2017, the Academy Exams was purchased by Recertifire LLC, a Missouri-based fire protection training and consulting firm. Although the program will remain essentially the same, the new owners are committed to delivering even higher standards of quality and service.