How It Works

Create Your Account
Click the Sign Up button in the upper-right corner of the page.
After you've created your account, you'll be taken to your Account page.
Select an Exam
Click on the Register for an Exam link on the left side of your Account page.
You will be shown a list of all upcoming exams. Select one to begin the registration process.
Complete the Registration Forms and Submit Payment
Note that the registration process is complete only when payment has been received.
You may pay by check or credit card.
Wait for Your Application Review
Once registration is complete, the Academy will review your application
and validate your work experience and training.
If your application is not adequate or appropriate, the Academy will notify you.
Once your application is found to be in order, you will receive notification of acceptance and be given
a final confirmation and information for taking the exam.
Take the Exam
Present your confirmation letter and a picture ID when you arrive at the test site.
You'll want to bring all approved reference materials with you.
Wait for Official Notification of Results
You will be sent an official notification with the results of your exam.
If you have passed the exam, the Academy will send you a certificate of recognition.
Be sure to notify the Florida State Fire Marshal’s Office that you have passed.