All Academy Certified Inspectors are responsible for recertifying before their certification expiration date. This date is printed on your Certificate, your Wallet Card, and your official results letter.

STATUS Eligible for renewal? Notes
Active N/A
Active - Eligible for Renewal Yes Begins 90 days before expiration
$250 recertification fee
Expired 1-60 days Yes $250 recertification fee + $100 late fee
Expired 61 days-1 year Yes Recertification fee:
Inspector I: $400
Inspector II: $600
(Reapplication for exam eligibility NOT required)
Canceled No
Must reapply for exam eligibility
Expired 1 year or more

Exam fee:
Inspector I: $400
Inspector II: $600
(Must REAPPLY for exam eligibility)


  1. You must have earned 16 or more training credits since your last exam.
  2. You must have performed at least 2000 hours of ITM of Water-based Fire Protection.